I Cannot Speak More Highly

My uncle, has been in failing health for several years and when he was seriously ill in January 2018 everyone said that he was no longer able to look after himself and he should go into a Care Home. This idea distressed him very much and, as his next of kin, I promised him that I would sort something out and not let this happen. To my dismay he was discharged from hospital as medically fit and assessed as not needing a care package, so I had no help to find a carer for him. Our previous experience of a care agency when he was convalescent a couple of years ago was totally unsatisfactory. By chance I was given the ‘phone number of Carepanions, a new agency which had recently been set up. I spoke to Belle and arranged a meeting at my uncle’s home. She came across as being warm and friendly and very capable. In fact she came to the meeting armed with an electric drill and screwdrivers because I had happened to ask her if she knew of a handyman who would fit a key safe for us. She fitted the safe herself there and then. She started visiting my uncle two days later, just for one hour a day at first. She explained that her philosophy was to put the caring back into Social Care and she most certainly fulfils that aim. We extended the visits to twice a day after a short while and Belle gives James all the care he could get in a Care Home, but in his own home. She also makes sure he takes his medication, which he had been very reluctant to do. She calls in the morning to help him get up, washed and dressed, and prepares his breakfast. Whilst he is eating it she does some housework, deals with the laundry and makes a light lunch for him. She returns late afternoon, having done the shopping, and cooks him a hot meal. James was almost suffering from anorexia before his latest illness, he did not want to eat and could not be bothered to cook anything and the Meals on Wheels were just discarded untouched. He had become emaciated and so weak he was subject to serious infections. She cooks tempting meals like fresh grilled chicken and salmon fillets, all served with fresh vegetables, and followed by a dessert and little treats like a chocolate biscuit or a muffin and a cup of tea. He has recovered his appetite and now eats normal sized portions. The district nurse, who is monitoring his weight, said that he had gained half a stone in a month. I cannot speak more highly of Belle. She is reliable, efficient, and cheerful and I feel that she genuinely cares for my uncle and takes a pride in seeing him gaining strength and recovering a little of his independence. He has certainly become fond of her. I would say that she looks after James as you might expect a loving daughter to do. What more could we ask?

I am so Grateful

A personable cheerful person who is a pleasure to meet. A lady of empathy and the understanding that only a lady with a deep heart can show to an individual. Nothing is ever to much trouble and the services is second to none. I am so grateful to have joined Carepanions and to have such a lovely carer. I feel I am gaining my confidence and independence back with their help and guidance.

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